CNA+ to PN Bridge Program

CNA+ to PN Bridge Program

Check out the new UHMC hybrid program designed especially for working Certified Nurse Aides and other healthcare professionals who want to become licensed practical nurses! Through a partnership with Hale Makua, ʻOhana Pacific Health, and Kaiser, eligible Maui and Oʻahu, healthcare professionals have an opportunity to become Practical Nurses (PN) while they are working. If your goal is to work as a PN, this program offers you that pathway! PN graduates are prepared to work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician in hospitals, extended care facilities, private nursing agencies, home health agencies, clinics, and physician offices.


General Information Video

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What are the courses and time required?

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General Timeline

Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Summer 2023 Fall 2023
English 22 or Eng 100 (3) Nurs 110 T (4) Nurs 115T (2) Nurs 120 T (2)
Math 75X or Math 100 (3-4) NURS 110 L (3) NURS 115 L (2) NURS 120 L (3)
Biology 100 (3) Nurs 110 C (3) Nurs 115C (2) NURS 120 C (4)
PHRM 203 (3) NURS 111 (2) NURS 121T (1)
PSY 100 (3) NURS 121L (2)
15-16 credits 12 credits 6 credits 12 credits
Sample schedule showing time commitment:

Spring 2023

Classes Credits Approximate Time
NURS 110T 4 1 hour live zoom, 3 hours pre-recorded lectures per week
NURS 110L 3 1 hour live zoom, 3 hours online modules per week
NURS 100C 3 1 prep day (3 hours) and 2 clinical days (6 hours) according to clinical schedule.
NURS 111 2 Fully online

Complete these steps before Fall 2022

1. Application to University of Hawaii Maui College
Apply to University of Hawaii Maui College
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2. Complete English 22/100 & Math 75x or higher.
Take the Math and English Placement Tests at home.
Create an account at ED READY
Take English Path 1 and Math Path 1
Register to take the English and Math you tested into.
3. Complete the TEAS Test scored with an composite/total score 62% or better.
Call the UHMC Learning Center at 808-984-3240 or go to to register to take your TEAS test.
4. Register for required classes
Make an appointment to get advised at or Scan QR code below:

Questions? Contact 808-984-3272