RCUH Business Card Instructions

If you would like to order business cards through the UHMC Media Center:

  1. Obtain an approving memo signed via OEP and the Chancellor.
  2. When the memo is completed, use the submit button at the bottom of the form to send to OEP. If approved, OEP will sign it then forward it to the Chancellor to sign.
  3. Complete the Business Card Template.
  4. Generate a work order via uhmchelp@hawaii.edu; attach the approving memo and the business card template.
  5. When the order has been filled, a response to the work order will be sent to pick up the cards at the IT Help Desk in Ka'a'ike 203.
  6. An invoice will be generated and routed to the account’s approving authority.
  7. Return the signed invoice to the IT Department, mailbox #24.