Registration Policies

Add or Drop

• Students may add or drop classes during the add/drop period stated in the academic calendar, either via the web or in person at the Admissions and Records Office depending upon course requirements or class restrictions.

• Classes dropped by the third week for full-semester length courses will not be reported on the student’s academic transcript - see academic calendar for withdrawal deadlines,

• Students who do not attend the first day of class (full-semester length courses), may be reported as “No Show” and administratively dropped from the class.

• Students may not attend a class in which they are not enrolled.

• Students adding a class that increases course load to over 19 credits during regular semesters including course work concurrently enrolled at other institutions, requires Counselor approval.

Course Withdrawal

• Students who officially withdraw from a class after the third week for full-semester length courses and within the posted withdrawal deadline (see academic calendar for deadlines) will receive a “W” on their transcript indicating the withdrawal.

• A “W” grade does not affect the GPA.

• It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from a class or all classes either via the web or in person at the Admissions and Records Office.

• Failure to attend a class does not constitute withdrawal.

• Students who stop attending classes without officially withdrawing will receive a “F” grade.

Grade Change Options

1) Letter Grading

2) Credit/No Credit

3) Audit

• After registration in a class, to change your grade option to CR/NC or to a letter grade, students may submit an add/drop/registration change form to the Admissions and Records Office (see academic calendar for deadlines).

• “CR” grades are equivalent to a “C” or better. Credits are awarded for CR grades, but no grade points are calculated.

• Once a class is graded, students cannot request a change in grading option.

• Some classes require letter grades only, and other classes allow only Credit (CR)/ No Credit (NC). These restrictions are noted in the Course description.

• Students must declare themselves as auditors by the deadline to select audit grade (see academic calendar for deadline)

• NO audited classes are allowed for financial aid.

Overlap of Classes - Time Conflict Classes

• To enroll in overlapping classes, you must have the signature of both instructors to enroll in both classes on the same Add/Drop/Registration Change Form.


1. A reduction in your semester’s credits may result in a loss of financial aid this semester and possibly in subsequent semesters. If you are receiving financial aid you are advised to see a Financial Aid Counselor before dropping any courses.

2. The last day to drop without a “W” is approximately three weeks after the start of instruction (see academic calendar for withdrawal deadlines, Financial aid adjustments are made accordingly. Class(es) added after this date may not be eligible for financial aid funding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (808) 984-3277.