OS and Browser Updates

Just a friendly reminder to keep your computer's operating system and software upto date. There are many ongoing attacks that target outdated software. The first line of defence to many attacks is a computer running current software. Below are quick start guides on how to update popular operating systems and web browsers. If you are looking for assistance with updates or have questions about updating a particular software you use, please reach out to the UHMC helpdesk at uhmchelp@hawaii.edu or visit the help desk chat during business hours. Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm.
Operating System Updates - Updates typically occur automatically at reboot or the OS will nag you if a reboot hasn't been performed recently. You can force an OS update check using the links below.
Browser Updates -  Major browsers automatically update when they are closed.  Thus, you will need to close your browser from time to time to ensure it is updated.  Most browsers (with the exception of Safari) can be forced to update while running using the instruction links below.