UHCC EdReady Math and English Placement/Readiness

UHMC is using EdReady College Readiness scores to help students determine their starting course for English and Math. After you complete the initial diagnostic test you can use your score to register for classes. You can also keep working on your learning path to improve your score. When you hit a score milestone, you’ll get an email letting you know the next math or English course you have qualified for.

You only need to register once. The EdReady username and password you set up will give you access to both College English and Math Placement Program.

Step 1) Create an EdReady account at

Go to

Click on Get Started and answer the following questions:

First name
Last name
Email address (use your email)
Create a password
Zip code
UH ID number (enter your 8 digit #)
UH Campus – Maui
Which language do you know best

Step 2) When prompted, type the following Goal Key exactly as shown.


Step 3) Complete your Diagnostic in either English or Math.

ENGLISH Placement

Start on “English Path 1”

MATH Placement

Select a Math Path based on your program (you only need to complete one):

“Math Path1: Non-STEM/College Math Placement”
For any student in a program that does not require Algebra or Calculus like Humanities, Nursing, Education, and career and technical programs.

“Math Path 2: STEM/Algebra Placement”
For students seeking to place into Math 103. College Algebra is typically required for Science, Engineering, Business, and some allied health programs.

“Math Path 3: STEM/Calculus Placement”
For all students seeking placement into precalculus, trigonometry, or calculus courses typically required for Science Engineering, Business, and some allied health programs.

Step 4) Complete Your Diagnostic and Get Your Results.

The test takes about an hour, but it is untimed, and you can stop and come back later to finish the diagnostic test. When you are finished your score will be sent to your email address.

Once you’ve received your results, you can schedule an appointment with your counselor to take the next step of enrolling at UH Maui College.
You can also request an appointment by email at

Score Results

Assessment TypeAssessment MeasureScore RangeHighest Course Placement
Assessment TypeAssessment MeasureScore RangeHighest Course Placement