The UH Community College System has invested in, the world’s largest and highest-rated online tutoring company, to support your students on their academic journey. As an instructor, you play a vital role in your students’ educational experience, yet reaching every student at their time of need is a daunting challenge.

Students will access through MYUH.HAWAII.EDU

How Will Help Your Students?

Extend instruction beyond the classroom… Lecture, discussion sections, labs and office hours are all tried-and-true ways to educate students. But what if you had a small army of TA’s at your disposal to engage students when you aren’t available?

With over 3,000 online tutors available 24 hours a day, your students can get access to subject-matter experts the moment they need help. Our tutors will guide students to a sound understanding of concepts through a collaborative one-to-one tutoring session. Whether the
focus is on prerequisites, reviewing course topics or preparing for exams, is now your around-the-clock teaching assistant.

An Overview of How Supports Faculty

Who Are the Tutors? tutors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including educators like you, who demonstrate expertise in a subject area. To become a tutor, candidates must complete a rigorous onboarding process that includes extensive qualification tests, writing samples, mock sessions and background checks.

Commitment to High Quality – As a partner of your institution, our tutors serve as an extension of the support services you provide on-campus. Our commitment to your institution begins by recruiting high quality tutors to represent you. Once hired, each tutor is assigned a mentor to work with and improve their instructional abilities. Tutors are incentivized by raises and advancement opportunities, and sessions are consistently reviewed for quality control.

Effective, On-demand Tutoring – Our tutors work with students to follow the methodology you are using in class. Through a series of interrogative prompts, tutors guide students to a sound academic understanding of the subject matter at hand. Answers are not given, and tutors will assist a student for however long it takes until the student demonstrates comprehension. With you can rest-assured knowing your students are getting the help they need from a qualified tutor.

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Tips to Integrate into Your Curriculum

Students who use this service overwhelmingly love it! 95% say it helps them to feel more confident and improve their grades. Spread the word to your students about where they can find help no matter the time or the place.

  • Work with TLC learn more about the services available to your students.
  • Mention it in class!
  • Post an announcement on your online course page.
  • Email your students reminders before significant assignments or exams.
  • Attend an informational webinar.
  • Encourage your students to use to discuss a problem or concept with a tutor.
  • Require students to have their essay reviewed by a writing tutor prior to turning in a paper.
  • Offer extra credit points to students who forward you a tutoring session transcripts. and Higher Education