Agriculture & Natural Resources (AG)

Enjoy working with nature? UH Maui College’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Program offers three degree tracks in Sustainable Tropical Crop Management, Horticulture and Landscape Maintenance, and Cultural and Natural Resource Management. Graduates can start their own farming business, work as landscaping technicians, field or lab technicians, manage nurseries or act as restoration specialists.


Certificate of Competence (CO) (GIS)
Certificate of Achievement (CA)
Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

*Program length depends on student placement and credit load.

The Agriculture & Natural Resources program provides instruction for those in need of training, retraining, or skills upgrading in the field of agriculture, and those wishing to transfer to a four-year college or university. Diverse learning activities are provided at facilities on Maui and Molokai. The Maui facility includes a 10,700 sq. ft. greenhouse and 1.5 acres of vegetable fields and landscapes. The Molokai Farm includes a 5,000 sq. ft. greenhouse, orchards, and vegetable fields on 28 acres of land.

Projections point to a continued need for well-trained people in all aspects of the green industry. Hotels and condominiums face increasing demand for personnel to design and maintain aesthetically pleasing landscapes in an environmentally sound manner. Farms and agriculturally related businesses need informed individuals to implement new technologies and sustainable agriculture techniques. Numerous opportunities exist for entrepreneurs in vegetable, flower, and nursery crop production as well as landscape maintenance. The New Farmer Institute at UHMC is devoted to assisting outstanding students and graduates with becoming agriprenuers. Students interested in an interdisciplinary degree in cultural and natural resource management are encouraged to speak with the program coordinator.

Students may transfer to other institutions after beginning their academic and technical training on Maui or Molokai. Some agriculture courses are articulated or can be used as electives at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo or University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. The eCampus of Oregon State University offers a degree in general agriculture that allows UHMC agriculture students the opportunity to pursue a bachelor degree while living here in Maui County.

Contact the program coordinator, Ann Emmsley, at 984-3243, or by email at for latest program schedule cycle.

Upon successful completion of the AG Program, the student should be able to:

    1. Use basic business principles to manage projects or design a horticultural business enterprise.
    2. Recommend cultural practices, solve problems, plan projects, and cultivate horticultural crops in a sustainable manner based on sound biological and technological principles.
    3. Explain the relationships between agro‐ecosystems, economics, human culture, and natural environments.
    4. Design gardens that demonstrate aesthetic principles. (Landscape & Horticulture only)
Agricultural Science: 7 credits
Agriculture 122(3), 200(4)
GIS in Ecosystem Management: 8 credits
GIS/ICS 150(4), GIS 180(4)
Landscape Maintenance: 13 credits
Agriculture 235(3), 250(4), 260(3), 269(3)
Nursery Production: 9 credits
Agriculture 230(3), 266(3), 269(3)
Pest Management: 9 credits
Agriculture 174(3), 201(3), 281(3)
Sus. Tropical Crop Production: 18 credits
Agriculture 122(3), 174(3), 194v(3), 233(2), 235(3), 260(3)
Turfgrass Specialist: 23 credits
Agriculture 103(2), 104(2), 122(3), 174(3), 232(1), 235(3), 251(4);
English 22, 100, or 106(3); Mathematics 18 or higher(3)
Suggested courses to improve employability: AG 200(4), 201(3), 250(4), 269(3), 281(3)
Courses required for all four CA programs: 27 credits
Agriculture 122(3), 174(3), 200(4), 201(3), 230(3), 235(3)
Automotive Technology 80(2)
MATH 100 or higher, or BUSN 189(3)**
English 100 or 106(3)*

Floriculture Management: 34 credits
All Core courses(27) plus:
Agriculture 263(3), 269(3), 193v(1)

Nursery Management: 34 credits
All Core courses(27) plus:
Agriculture 266(3), 269(3), 193v(1)

Horticulture & Landscape Maintenance: 40-41 credits
All Core courses(27) plus:
Agriculture 250(4), 260(3), 269(3) or 265(4), 281(3)

Sustainable Tropical Crop Management: 41 credits
All Core courses(27) plus:
Agriculture 103(2), 104(1), 193v(1), 232(1), 251(4), 252(2), 281(3)

*Note: ENG 22 may be substituted for the Certificate of Acheivement for those not going on to the AAS degree.
**Note: MATH 18/82 may be substituted for the Certificate of Achievement for those not going on to the AAS degree.

Horticulture & Landscape Maintenance: 60 credits
All CA Horticulture & Landscape courses(40-41) plus:
Electives(8) from AG Elective List below – Horticulture below
General Education(12) listed below

Sustainable Tropical Crop Management: 62 credits
All CA Sustainable Tropical Crop courses(41) plus:
Electives(9) from AG Elective List below – Tropical Crop below
General Education(12) listed below

AG Elective List:
Tropical Crop options: Agriculture 113(1), 162(2), 253(4), 263(3), 265(4), 266(3)
Horticulture options: Agriculture 194v(1-3), 232(1), 233(2), 251(4), 254(4), 263(3), 265(3), 266(4)or 269(3)
Trade/Natural Science appropriate to major, including WELD 198B, BIOL 105, 124; GIS 150, SSM 101.

General Education required for both AAS programs: 12 credits
BUS/COM 130 or SP 151(3)
ICS 101 or BUSN 150(3)
Humanities elective(3)
Social Science elective(3)

*Note: ENG 22 may be substituted for the Certificate of Acheivement for those not going on to the AAS degree.
**Note: MATH 18/82 may be substituted for the Certificate of Achievement for those not going on to the AAS degree.