Disability Services

Disability Services

Shane Payba
Acting Disability Services Counselor
Email: uhmcds@hawaii.edu
Phone: (808) 984-3227

Videophone relay service: 1(200)203-9685

TTY Relay Service at 711 or 1(877)447-5990

Text Telephone (TT) relay service at 643-8833.

Aloha and Welcome to UHMC Accommodations

UHMC’s vision and commitment are to provide a fully accessible, integrated and universally designed campus for all students.  The Disability Services Office (DSO) collaborates with the campus community in providing resources, education, and direct services to facilitate a more significant opportunity to students with disabilities including intellectual disabilities in achieving equity and social justice.

The DSO engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews request for accommodations on an individualized, case-by-case basis at no expense to the student.  A student’s disability status is considered confidential and is only disclosed to faculty and relevant campus personnel with the student’s permission.

To access our services, please register by filling out the application forms and by making an appointment with the DSO Counselor:

Aris Banaag – Acting Disabilities Services Counselor at 808-984-3278.

If you feel you have been discriminated against, please click here to use our online complaint form.