Visual Arts

UH Maui College’s Academic Subject Certificate in Visual Arts recognizes and encourages innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Choose from classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, design, digital photography, printmaking, computer graphics, and art history. Develop 21st century skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication. Graduates have launched careers as artists or continued their studies in Fine Arts baccalaureate programs within the UH System.


Academic Subject Certificate (ASC)

*Program length depends on student placement and credit load.

The Academic Subject Certificate (ASC) in Visual Arts is intended to recognize and encourage innovation, collaboration, and creativity. This certificate enhances the Liberal Arts AA degree. Students who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree in the Fine Arts should consult a counselor or academic advisor.

Call Jennifer Owen at (808) 984-3202 or Mike Takemoto at (808) 984- 3249 for more information.

  • The ASC requires a minimum of 18 credits.
  • The last 6 credits must be taken at UH Maui College.
  • Students must receive grade C or better for all courses applied to the certificate.
  • To be eligible, courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • GPA of 2.0 or better is required for all courses applied to the certificate.

Visual Arts core: 9 credits
ART 101 Intro to the Visual Arts(3)
or ART 270 History of Western Art(3)
ART 113 Intro to Drawing(3)
ART 115 Intro to Design(3) or ART 221/ICS 214 Fundamentals of Design for Print & Web(3)

Elective courses: 9 credits
Choose at least two courses from the following: 6 credits
ART 101(**) Introduction to the Visual Arts(3)
ART 105 Elementary Studio: Ceramics(3)
ART 107D Introduction to Digital Photography(3)
ART 123BCD Introduction to Painting(1)(1)(1)
ART 161/ICS 161(*) Introduction to Computer Graphics(3)
ART 190v Topics in Art(1-3)
ART 199v Directed Studies(1-3)
ART 205/ICS 205(*) Photoshop and Illustrator(3)
ART 218/ICS 261(*) Intermediate Computer Graphics(3)
ART 221/ICS 214(*)(**) Fundamentals of Design for Print & Web(3)

Choose at least one course from the following: 3 credits
ART 270(**) History of Western Art(3)
ART 223 Intermediate Painting(3)
ART 243 Intermediate Ceramics: Hand Building(3)
ART 244 Intermediate Ceramics: Wheel Throwing(3)
ART 290v Topics in Art(1-3)
ART 299v Directed Studies(1-3)

*Note: These ART and ICS courses are crosslisted and may be taken in
either department.
**Note: If not taken as core requirement.