UHMC Art Program

surfrsMaui College’s Art Program offers a comprehensive foundation of Art Appreciation and Studio courses for beginning, intermediate, and continuing education students.  The Program also provides an economical means of earning course credits to students who are seeking baccalaureate degrees.  These credits are transferable throughout the University of Hawai’i system.


Daniel Bennett
Patricia Inman
Jennifer Owen
Harvey Reed
Michael Takemoto
Elizabeth Ward
Course Offerings
ART 101 Intro. to Visual Art
ART 105 Ceramics:Elementary Studio
ART 107D Intro Digital Photograph
ART 190V Intro to Printmaking
ART 113 Intro. to Drawing
ART 115 Intro 2D Design
ART 205 Photoshop & Illustrator
ART 221 Design for Print & Web
ART 243 Ceramics: Hand Building
ART 244 Ceramics: Wheel Throwing
ART 270 Hist Western Art
ART 290V Inter Digital Photography

Art Gallery
Ceramic Art Gallery
Painting & Drawing Gallery


Appreciate Art

Art Appreciation classes combine traditional classroom teaching methods with a hands on approach.  Students are exposed to a multimedia, multi- cultural experience of the visual arts.  A digital projector is used to view slide and video presentations in the spacious studios/classrooms.  Students also experience and interact with art at local art galleries.


Drawing & Painting

The drawing and painting department teaches introductory courses in drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and oil painting. Basic material and technical procedures are covered in each class.  An intermediate painting course is offered to students who want to develop their own personal sources of imagery.



The ceramics department teaches sculpture and vessel-forms, using the techniques of modeling, pinching, slab-building, coil-building, and throwing on the potter’s wheel.  The ceramics studio includes two computerized electric kilns, one gas reduction kiln, two portable raku kilns, a pug mill, slab roller, extruder, and 12 potter’s wheels.


UHMC Art reputation

Our Art Program’s excellent reputation reflects the outstanding commitment of MCC’s fine art faculty and students.  Their works have been exhibited and have received awards and honors locally, nationally, and internationally.


Dedicated Art Faculty

MCC’s dedicated faculty and competitive costs make the Art Program an incredible educational value for art students in Maui County and the State of Hawai’i.