Scholarships are seasonal, widely available, competitive, and another source of college funding. The scholarship season begins in January with the release of the Federal financial aid application (FAFSA) and scholarship applications for the next academic year (Fall through Summer). The majority of scholarships are open in January and due in March or earlier, although you will find scholarships with deadlines throughout the year. Lately, more scholarship applications are being made available in November or December for the next academic year.

Scholarships for Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

UH Maui College and UH System General Scholarships – Now Open!

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UH Maui College and UH System Scholarship Application

This one online scholarship application will apply you for both the UH Maui College and UH Systemwide Scholarship Application. Click More Info to get started. Read the instructions and click 'Apply Now!'
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UH Maui College 2015-2016 International Scholarship – Now Open!

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UH Maui College 2015-2016 International Student Merit Scholarship Application

This paper application must be submitted with all requirements to the Financial Aid Office by March 2, 2015 before 4:00 p.m.. You must be an international student with an active F1 Visa to apply.
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Other Scholarships –

For information on other scholarships please visit the Educational Opportunity Center Website.
For more information about any scholarships listed here, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 984-3277 or email us at