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Distance Education

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Distance Education

Distance Learning provides students with access to education through a network of various technologies.

Online Courses

Course information and assignments are taught completely online via the internet.  Students access course material from their personal computers.  Most online courses use Laulima, the course management and collaboration system for the University of Hawaii.

Cable Television

Class is broadcast over Spectrum Cable channel 55 or via MCTV live at the time listed in the Schedule of Courses.  Cable courses allow students to take class in the convenience of their home.  Courses are either live or pre-recorded.  Please ensure that you have access to these channels prior to the start of class.


Interactive video (ITV)/ Hawaii Interactive video (HITS) allow students to attend a course at a location other than the host campus (campus offering the course).  Students meet at the ITV receive sites to participate in classes.  Students view the class over closed circuit TV and must attend class at days and times listed.  Both instructor and students can see and hear each other, simulating a face -to-face class environment.

We are excited to offer Bachelor and Graduate Degree Programs through Distance Learning at one of our University of Hawaii campuses.  Click here to learn more about higher education programs available to you. Whether you are looking for a degree program that’s right for you, or you’re already on your path to a degree…..We’re here for you!

Higher Education


​The mission of the UH Center is to provide Maui County residents access to a selection of bachelor and graduate degrees. We empower students to achieve their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to their families and community.  University of Hawaii Maui College, (UHMC) Molokai offers a world of knowledge    here at home.


​The UH Center’s vision is to enrich the lives of Maui County residents by offering local access to bachelor’s and graduate degrees that increase the educational capital of the state. It is the aim of the UH Center to increase the number of students participating in and completing degree programs, particularly Native Hawaiians, low-income students, and those from underserved regions.

​​Some of our newest programs include:

​UH West Oahu – Baccalaureate in Hospitality & Tourism, Health Care Management or a Certificate in Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management.

UH Manoa – Baccalaureate in Social Work, Early Childhood Education (Cohort), Psychology & Health Care Administration or a Certificate in Peace Studies.

​UH Hilo – Master of Counseling Psychology, Indigenous Language & Cultural Education, and many, many more!

Distance Learning Information

Distance Learning Student Support

You can earn a certificate or degree while living right here on Molokai!  Explore one of our many Distance Learning Programs offered throughout the University of Hawaii campuses online at www.uhonline.hawaii.edu/programs.  Find out more about cost and how to get started at www.uhonline.hawaii.edu/.  Get local support at the Molokai Education Center.  Call for more information:  Phone: (808) 553-4490 Opt 3 or email: tmt@hawaii.edu.

Theresa Tamanaha – Distance Education Specialist   Phone: (808) 553-4490 Option #3