Academic Subject Certificate in Music Studies


The Academic Subject Certificate (ASC) in Music Studes provides a foundation in the creation, performance, and understanding of music in both its technical and cultural contexts.

Call Keola Donaghy at 984-3570 for or email for more information.

Requirements for ASC in Music Studies: 23 credits

  • A GPA of 2.0 or better is required for all required courses
  • A minimum of 9 credits must be taken at University of Hawai’i Maui College.

Students must earn a “C” or better for ALL courses applied to the certificate

Music Core Courses: 11 credits
MUS106 Introduction To Music Literature (3)
MUS107 Music In World Cultures (3) (GFC)
MUS180 Basic Theory and Aural Skills (2)
MUS273 Performance and Recording Ensemble (3)
Music Performance Courses: 6 credits
MUS114 College Chorus (2)
MUS114H Hawaiian Chorus (2)
MUS121C Elementary Piano I (2)
MUS122C Elementary Piano II (2)
MUS216 Intermediate Piano (2)
MUS121D Elementary Guitar Class I (2)
MUS122D Elementary Guitar Class II (2)
MUS121G Elementary Hawaiian Steel Guitar (2)
MUS122G Intermediate Hawaiian Steel Guitar (2)
MUS121Z Beginning ‘Ukulele (2)
MUS123 Beginning Voice Class (2)
MUS124 Elementary Voice Class (2)
Music Elective Courses: 6 credits
MUS132 Hawaiian Music Ensemble (2)
HWSTMUS176 History of Hawaiian Music (3)
MUS253 Basic Experiences of Music (3)
MUS271 Intro To Music Technology (3)
MUS272 Digital Recording Techniques (3)
HWST 205A Hawaiian Music Action – Mele ‘Āina (2)
HWST 205E Hawaiian Music Action – Mele Pili Kanaka (2)
HWST 205I Hawaiian Music in Action – Other (2)
MUS 190v Topics course (1-3)*
MUS 290v Topics course (1-3)*

*Note: May be repeated if different course title.

Note: AA degree requires an additional 37 credits (100-level or higher) minimum.