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2015-2021 Strategic Directions

UHMC 2015-2021 Strategic Directions Document

UH Maui College has established a process to connect resource allocation directly to program review and strategic planning. This assessment-focused process aligns resource allocations with planning in support of student learning. The recently established Strategic Planning Council facilitates this process toward establishing campus priorities that are grounded in results from degree program level assessment of student learning and input from the broader community.

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Moving forward, implementation of the Strategic Directions will be led by the Strategic Planning Council which includes representation from each theme group, administration, and UHMC Student Government.

Angela Gannon, Co-chair of Community Needs and Workforce Development, Office of the Vice Chancellor

Ben Guerrero, Co-chair of Student Success Committee, Title III Coordinator

David Tamanaha, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs

Debra Nakama, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Elaine Yamashita, Co-chair of Strategic Planning Council, Professor of Early Childhood Education

Hōkūlani Holt-Padilla, Co-chair of Hawai’i Papa O Ke Ao Committee, Hawai’i Papa O Ke Ao Coordinator

John McKee, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

Juli Patao, Co-chair of Community Needs and Workforce Development Committee, Director of CareerLink

Julie Powers, Co-chair of Quality of Learning, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

Karen Hanada, Director of UH Center Maui

Kāhea Nae’ole, Co-chair of Hawai‘i Papa O Ke Ao Committee, Director of Financial Aid

Kristine Korey-Smith, Co-chair of Student Success Committee, Director of the Learning Center

Laura Lees Nagle, Co-chair of Strategic Planning Council, Associate Professor of English

Lui Hokoana, Chancellor

Maggie Ward, Co-chair of Quality of Learning, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Mike Albert, Interim Vice Chancellor of Information Technology

Stuart Zinner, Co-chair of Sustainability, Energy Management Lab Project Director

UHMC Student Government Representative

Goal: To build pathways and assure learning

Co-chairs: Ben Guerrero and Kristine Korey-Smith

Designated Administrator: VCSA Debbie Nakama

Meetings: Third Thursday of every month, 10:30am-12:00pm in Ka’a’ike 105

Objective 1: Policies and practices to help students enroll in and progress through college

Objective 2: Optimal learning environments and effective and timely support for struggling students (especially Native Hawaiian and underrepresented students)

Objective 3: Evaluation and assessment practices to understand and improve educational effectiveness, especially Native Hawaiian and underrepresented student

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Quality of Learning Goal: To encourage and maintain high-quality learning across the institution

Co-chairs: Julie Powers and Maggie Ward

Designated Administrator: VCAA John McKee

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of every month, 3:15pm-4:15pm in KLMA 102

Objective 1: A college culture that promotes excellence in teaching and learning for students, faculty, and staff

Objective 2: High quality degrees, certificates, and courses that meet student, industry, and relevant stakeholder need

Objective 3: Physical and fiscal support for high-quality teaching and learning

Objective 4: Broad support for non-traditional and underprepared students with varied challenges


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Goal: To empower Native Hawaiians, the Indigenous People of Hawai‘i, by creating a model Indigenous-Serving institution of higher education that perpetuates cultural traditions, language, history, and values to promote student success, leadership development, and well-being of ‘ohana (family) and community

Co-chairs: Kāhea Nae’ole and Hōkūlani Holt

Designated Administrator: Chancellor Lui Hokoana

Meetings: First Friday of each month, 3pm in Noi’i 206

Objective 1: Native Hawaiian students who build on the knowledge and skills of kupuna as a foundation from which to achieve personal and academic success in college and throughout life

Objective 2: Pu‘uhonua (Centers of Hawaiian Knowledge) fosters a “sense of place” that combines instruction, research, student services, and community engagement that benefits the Native Hawaiian community

Objective 3: Native Hawaiian students, faculty, and staff who serve in leadership positions within UHMC and in the community

Objective 4: Native Hawaiian values practiced at all levels of institutional decision-making

Objective 5: Advancement of Hawaiian language, history, and culture (or achieves parity) to perpetuate the unique cultural heritage of Hawai‘i

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Community Needs and Workforce Development Goal: To prepare students to meet current and emerging community and workforce needs and opportunities

Co-chairs: Angela Gannon and Juli Patao

Designated Administrator: Karen T Hanada

Meetings: Fourth Monday of each month, 10:00am-11:30am (Room TBA)

Objective 1: Continuous evidence-based understanding of community and workforce needs and opportunities
Objective 2: Credit and non-credit curriculum that are connected with relevant community and economic needs
Objective 3: High quality Outreach centers to meet the credit and non-credit needs of the Community
Objective 4: Consistent communication with the community about the College’s mission and offerings

Objective 5: Global engagement by connecting the people of Hawai‘i with ideas, talents, and educational opportunities from the vibrant cultures and economies of the world

Click here for 2015-2016 Summary Report for Community Needs and Workforce Development

Sustainability Goal: To create a culture of sustainability at UHMC in its communities and environments by embedding sustainability practices and processes throughout the College

Co-chairs: Stuart Zinner and Cliff Rutherford

Designated Administrator: VCAS David Tamanaha

Meetings: Fourth Mondays 10:30 am (Ka`a`ike 210)

Objective 1: An evidence-based understanding of systems on campus for prioritizing sustainable practices and improvements

Objective 2: Continuous, comprehensive leadership and coordination for UHMC sustainability efforts that promote a dynamic vision and understanding of sustainability

Objective 3: Significant human, fiscal, and physical campus resource decisions reviewed through a “Sustainability Lens”

Objective 4: A dynamic UHMC Sustainability Plan using a continuous improvement approach to address College goals, UH System, and UHCC System goals

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