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Aligning Planning, Budget and Assessment


The UH Maui College strategic planning and assessment process is guided by a Vision, Mission, Core Values and Institutional Learning Outcomes that are grounded in how UH Maui College “Inspires Learning” among our students, within our community and among colleagues. This rubric driven process is being led by faculty and staff members with strong support from administration.

Each year UH Maui College degree programs collect and review evidence of at least one Program Learning Outcome at an exit level course appropriate for each program. Parallel to this review, an assessment team reviews one College-wide Academic and Student Learning Outcome (CASLO), also at an exit level course at the level appropriate for each program. For example, this year the CASLO committee is leading degree programs through the assessment of critical thinking across curricula.

The outcome of the program review process is a list of recommendations that establish the foundation for planning priorities included in the annual Program Review report completed by each program for the next year. In some cases these recommendations involve requests for funding, however, most recommendations relate to pedagogical improvements. Through a campus vetting process, funding requests garnered from program review are prioritized in alignment with the UH Maui College Strategic Directions.

Campus Leadership in the Alignment of Planning, Assessment, and Budget
Strategic Directions (SD) implementation is on-going and led by SD theme committees.
Program assessments are on-going and led by administration, program coordinators, directors, the Strategic
Planning and Assessment coordinators, and the CASLO assessment committee.
Budget development is on-going and led by administration and the campus Budget Committee.

Calendar of Alignment of Planning, Assessment, and Budget
• (July-Aug) Work on Program Review (PR) in all units
• (Sept.-Oct.) Budget requests generated from program review
• (Nov.-Dec.) Units meet to review PR and prioritize budgets within unit
• (Jan.-Feb) Alignment of budget requests and Strategic Directions
• (March-April) Campus vetting of budget requests and SD progress reports
• (May-June) Budget set for upcoming year, SD next year priorities established


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